A glimpse of what biodegradable food items might soon look like


As our natural resources become scarce, it’s more important than ever that companies and consumers alike strive for green and sustainable alternatives. While we’re still working on comprehensive ways to lower our carbon footprint, Swedish design studio Tomorrow Machine has given us a glimpse of what biodegradable food items might soon look like.

In a project entitled “This Too Shall Pass” these designers created natural packaging that would ensure quick decomposition, unlike the many papers and plastics we use to contain our food products. While these prototype container could not replace every type of packaging, they do provide smart alternatives. The different designs were inspired by the natural package of fruits and vegetables.

In order to create a decomposable but stable exterior for the products, the team has to experiment with various materials. Each package uses unique and all natural materials. The oil-based container is made of wax and sugar, and when the wax is broken, the sugar begins to dissolve in a few minutes if in contact with moisture or in a few days in the open air. The juice box for refrigerated liquid drinks is made of agar and water, and shrinks the more you drink. The dry goods package is made of biodegradable beeswax and is easily compostable.

In the two years since then, this project has continued to impress creators and consumers. Anna Glansén of Tomorrow Machine told PSFK that one of these packaging design are currently in the early stages of development with an unnamed food brand, but that, “for the two others we are still looking for partners that are interested in packaging their product in an innovative sustainable packaging.”

Whether we’ll have access to these all natural packaging options and other sustainability projects like it next week, next month, or even next year, it is small and innovative initiatives like these that will help us create a greener future.


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