A special Pentaward (the President of the Jury Prize) awarded to Design Bridge


During the 9th Pentawards Trophy Ceremony (this year at the Royal Institute of British Architects – RIBA), a special Pentaward (the President of the Jury Prize) was awarded to Design Bridge.


7 Pentawards trophies this year for Design Bridge… and many glasses of champagne as well !

Since the 1st edition of the Pentawards, Design Bridge won 33 trophies, including 1 Diamond and 2 Platinum Pentawards.

About Design Bridge… by Design Bridge

“Design Bridge is an independent brand design agency. There is quite a lot that makes us who we are, in fact we’ve even written a book about it, but we’ll keep it simple and short for now. So a few facts: we are now well into our 3rd decade and have grown studios in London, Amsterdam and Singapore and have recently opened an office in New York.

Craft is a passion of ours, it’s what can make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. Craft however takes many different forms. It can be delicate precision of the lettering artist, the rigorous art direction of photography, the dedication to colour matching, or a subtle play on words — the list is endless. Originality. It’s blindingly obvious really, but original thinking is at the heart of what we do and cannot be compromised.

Storytelling. It’s a bit of a popular word in the branding world at the moment but we’ve been doing it for years. Brands need a unique story, they need something that connects with people, and we need that story to start designing. Often, it’s already there – sometimes we have to really dig it out. It can be very simple or very deep and rich but either way it needs to be good. We bring these stories to life in a way that people ‘just get it’.”



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