A spirit of “no limits” for Pack & Gift


Faithful to its reputation as a hive of ideas, this year Pack & Gift defies the traditional codes and clichés with “Twist”, a common thread built around disruption and diversion. It is in this spirit of “no limits” that Pack & Gift will be opening its doors on June 17 – 18, offering brands the possibility of creating their future promotional offerings in a spirit of “re-enchantment”.

Pack & Gift gives pride of place to surprises, to astonishment! This common thread will run through the two days of the exhibition, by way of conferences, moods and events, as well as permeating the stands, since the exhibitors are invited to put on their thinking caps in order to come up with products that are entirely unique and unexpected, borrowing from the codes of another universe.

The conference programme will address this topic in particular through a presentation by Nelly Rodi on Twist-materials/colours, and also by way of a creativity session proposed by Pollen Consulting, not to mention the topic of diversion / borrowing / reappropriation in a presentation by Claire Roederer, Senior Lecturer at EM Strasbourg.

On the events side, the FS Pack Cognac school will be proposing new experiences using emblematic packaging: products revisited, diverted from their primary function; an iconoclastic re-reading of their usages to guide brands in their reflections and in creating promotional series.


High point of the 2 days: the TWIST 2015 contest.The exhibitors are invited to take part in the TWIST project; they will be able in particular to participate in the TWIST contest, by proposing unexpected products, diverted from their primary usage and borrowing the codes of another universe. Lots of companies are already enthusiastically preparing for this competition, keen to capture the attention of visitors on the look-out for new ideas with which to surprise consumers.


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