Alliora implements repositioning


Since its acquisition by GPack in November 2017, Alliora has been reviewing its offer and positioning to better cater to its customers in the cosmetics, fragrance, wines and spirits industries. Thanks to internal restructuring and significant ongoing investment in its manufacturing facility, Alliora is set to become central to the group’s expertise.

 Alliora, renowned for the excellence of its France-based manufacturing of cardboard packaging, has had a busy year. Its new owner, GPack, a specialist in cardboard packaging, intends to transform the activity into its prestige arm for Europe.

On April 9, Alliora reached a successful majority agreement with employee representatives allowing it to go forward with restructuring to adjust the company’s scope. This successful conclusion of negotiations bodes extremely well for the future. “This new organization contributes to ensuring the company’s future both on economic and social levels,” explains the group’s management.

In line with its objectives, GPack began a series of investments at the beginning of the year with the aim of giving Alliora the means to implement its new positioning thanks to the reorganization of its teams and their functions, the installation of new machines, the optimization of production flows and the consolidation of its areas of expertise.

As such, four new-generation Emmeci machines set to be installed soon will allow the Alliora factory to make considerable gains when it comes to efficiency and speed.


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