Alufoil 2015 award for T-Shirt shaped pouch



Ampac Flexibles’ Pull Tab T-Shirt beverage pouch combines innovative packaging with technology to enhance brand marketing, allowing food manufacturers to deliver products in a very attractive, T-Shirt shape pouch. The idea so impressed the Alufoil Trophy 2015 judges that it was given an award in the Marketing & Design category of this year’s competition.

The T-Shirt shape is perfect as a football club or sports
club drink as it can be custom-printed to match the
colours of the team. The high barrier stand up pouch is
made using a laminate of PET12/ Alu8 / PE70μm and can be printed in up to 10 colours. It is a new pouch for the beverage market which provides hygienic protection of the straw hole with a tear away, customized Ampac Pull Tab label, so is ideal for a sporting environment.

“Sometimes simple ideas have the greatest impact,” offered head of the judging panel Jean-Paul Duquet, global packaging eco design manager of Bel Group. “By adding the ‘sleeves’ to a simple stand up pouch the designers have created something with huge marketing potential. It certainly has great youth appeal in our opinion,” continued Duquet.

“In the right environment this product could simply fly off the shelves and give the brand, club or competition cost effective visibility, as it is at the less expensive end of the merchandise portfolio.” he added.

On learning of the award Stefanie Rennert, sales manager of Ampac Flexibles said, “Winning the Alufoil Trophy is additional recognition of our creative and innovative work to achieve the best, working with our customers. Every day at Ampac, we strive to revolutionize the packaging market. And we believe this new package does that, as it is eye-catching and consumer friendly.”

The pre-made hole on the pouch body is covered by the label. As larger straw diameters are available (up to 8mm is possible) it also opens a new field of sales because the pouch can contain smoothies and thicker liquids and is not limited to waters and juices, says the company.

The Alufoil Trophy is organised by the European Aluminium Foil Association. There are five categories – Consumer Convenience, Marketing + Design, Product Preservation, Resource Efficiency and Technical Innovation. Judges also gave an award for cross-category excellence. For 2015 there were 12 winners.


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