An exceptional cap for L’Envol, the latest fragrance by Cartier by Albéa


Albéa has created an exceptional cap for L’Envol, the latest fragrance by Cartier. The innovative cap incorporates a mechanical up-and-down movement to release the pump, also provided by Albéa.

L’Envol de Cartier is a precious object — both fixed and mobile — a vial encapsulated within a removable glass dome. This timeless, yet modern and technological item features a dual function that draws on a masculine, mechanical movement to access the vital liquid.

The sophisticated design is rooted in Cartier’s creative and stylistic tradition, namely guilloche. Galvanized for a metal aesthetic, the bottle stopper features the renowned motif of this technique. Drawing on Albéa’s expertise in the design of unique fragrance caps, the wheel’s pump movement gives the fragrance an upmarket feel. Once released, the standard Albéa XD11 pump dispenses a long and uniform spray carrying the scent of Guaiac wood and honeyed notes, lifted with ethereal musk.


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