Arcade Beauty rewarded for the print quality of its samples


French trade body Pro Hélio, which represents players in the rotogravure printing industry, recently held its Prestige awards, the winners of which are decided on by two panels of judges, one French, one international. Socoplan, Arcade Beauty’s internal printing operation, took home one of the awards, which recognize the technical nature of a print design as well as how it renders branding, colour and visuals, for a sample it created for an international fragrance house.

In France, Arcade Beauty does all of its printing at its Socoplan site in Airvault, using both rotogravure and digital printing, which it introduced recently. The two processes are largely complementary, allowing Arcade Beauty to cater to major launch campaigns as well as small, limited series, personalized references, stock replenishment and flash promotional activity. Combined with the exceptional quality of rotogravure, digital printing offers real advantages in terms of time-to-market: pre-printing, validation of samples and the necessary adjustments to machines can all be performed in a very short space of time.

Thanks to this combined offer, Arcade Beauty is able to cater for many different types of client projects quicker than any of its competitors. Its in-house printing activities are able to respond to complex technical requests quickly, all the while conforming to the stringent graphic design specificities demanded by the biggest beauty brands.

The Pro Hélio judges recognized Arcade Beauty’s talent in meeting the technical and aesthetic challenges this type of printing requires: bringing together on the small surface of a sample the brand logo, its colour codes and a photo of the product itself. A meticulous search for exactly the right colours allowed the reproduction of the exact desired effect and texture. The blending of black inks for the background meant a gentle fading effect could be created, with perfect shadows at the base of the product shot. Arcade Beauty’s expertise is also visible in the rendition of the texts and extremely fine lines printed on the sample.

“Whichever technique is used, printing relies on the whole graphic supply chain, from pre-printing work to the final print. But more than anything else, human qualities make the difference: technical knowledge and experience, of course, but also the eye. Beyond the most sophisticated equipment, a person is capable of judging exactly whether a design conforms to demand, for example the subtlety of a colour compared with the same reference printed on a different surface. A human being can evaluate the required surface effects, levels of shine and transparency,” explains Socoplan’s printing unit manager.


Arcade Beauty Socoplan Print Workshop

Industrial capacity: 1 digital printer + 3 rotogravure 6/8/9 colour presses

Printing capacity: 9 million square meters

Spool printing possible on any flexible surface


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