Azzaro chooses a metal coffret by Cosfibel



Azzaro is giving its promotional creations a new allure with a metal coffret for four of its references: Azzaro pour Homme, Azzaro pour Elle, Chrome and Wanted. This rounded coffret, 26cm wide, has one flattened edge so it can be upended for display purposes.


The beauty of this coffret resides not just in its elegant shape, but also thanks to an embossed décor.

Across its surface, the tin is marked with “A” for Azzaro as a recurrent motif. On its flat face, an area is reserved for the brand’s logo and the name of the fragrance to be printed. A finger hold is created by folding the metal.

The lid is embossed with the brand’s emblematic sun logo, printed around a central “A”. Cosfibel was committed to recreating, to the utmost of its technical capability, the sun’s extremely fine rays. The shading effect is obtained using the natural color of the debossed metal, while the logo and the name of the fragrance are offset printed in the central reserve. The lid is clipped onto the tin, flush to its surface, thanks to a 5mm groove that lines up with the interior chock.

Inside the tin, the black fuzzy chock holds two or three products to make up 14 different combinations offered for sale.

Each of the four identical references, one for each separate fragrance, is declined with a specific décor.


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