Barone Pizzini : a packaging designed by SGA Wine


LAB0605_14140_17Franciacorta has become a well-respected sparkling wine region in Italy over the last fifty years. One of the oldest, high-quality wineries in the region is Barone Pizzini, whose best-selling wine Animante is packed in stylish boxes made of Stora Enso’s Performa Cream board.

The package is designed by SGA Wine Design. Its distinctive features include natural brown and cream colours, a printed, textile-like pattern that is pleasing to the touch and shows no fingerprints, and of course the hot-foil-stamped Barone Pizzini crest, a heritage of the noble Pizzini family of Habsburg origin who arrived in Franciacorta in 1870. The package is printed and manufactured by Nuova Litocolor, which specialises in high-quality cartons for wine and spirits.

“Barone Pizzini was the first winery in Franciacorta to adopt organic viticulture methods, and we prefer environmentally sound and sustainable methods and materials in everything we do,” says the winery’s spokesperson, Marta Piovani, who is particularly proud of the new wine cellar built of local stone and wood in 2006. “The cellar preserves very well the typical characteristics of the grapes, derived from the mineral substances in the morainic soil of our vineyards. The name Animante stands for the soul of our winery and matches with Italian food, which has made it very popular in the category of high-quality sparkling wines.”

“In this case we are printing on the backside of the board, which is quite extraordinary and demanding. Performa Cream always performs reliably and has a nice shade of white that many of our customers like,” says Managing Director Andrea Zanotti from the printing house. The 230 gsm board is laminated on corrugated board to achieve the rigidity needed for carrying heavy bottles.

Today, there are over one hundred wineries in Franciacorta, and the production of sparkling wine exceeds 15 million bottles per year. When it comes to packaging, the demands are many. Nuova Litocolor offers numerous printing and finishing treatments in-house. Seamless co-operation with the designer and the board distributor Cartiera Lombarda are ever important in order to meet the specific demands of the customer. “Our CTMP board Performa Cream has been chosen for its printability, folding ability and sustainability, with the origin of wood traceable to sustainably managed Nordic forests,” says Renato Somekh, General Packaging Sales Director at Stora Enso in Italy.


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