Beirut Design Fair, first edition


For its first edition, Beirut Design Fair has assembled an exceptional selection committee whose members are attached to Beirut and Lebanon either by origin or by affinity. This committee reflects the fair’s position as a platform for fostering encounters and showcasing talent: one where rigor meets generosity, where diversity is celebrated in a cosmopolitan atmosphere, and where the promotion of creativity is rooted in an economic and cultural context.

The confluence of these recognized professionals from the worlds of design, interior design, architecture, luxury, museums and education offers multicultural expertise on a variety of topics centered around the pursuit of beauty, meaning and relevance.

The committee’s members are: Aline Asmar d’Amman (architect, interior designer and artistic director), India Mahdavi (architect, designer and interior designer), Marc Baroud (designer, director of the design department of the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts), Marianne Brabant (from Modern and Contemporary Department of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Paris), and Mathias Orhel (founder of m-0 creative recruitment consultancy). Together they will bring their expertise to the selection of exhibitors at Beirut Design Fair, and will also participate in the attribution of the Beirut Design Award for creativity and innovation during the salon that runs from 20-24 September 2017.


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