Blotter Innovation by Carestia Arcade Beauty


Carestia Arcade Beauty, which specializes in luxury scented and unscented paper continually seeks to develop unique fragrance sampling experiences. Carestia is taking advantage of their presence at the Pack & Gift trade show to present 2 new products.

The “ Scented Pochette”

This blotter card is sprayed and inserted into an airtight packette. This process allows for minimal fragrance usage oil as well as accurate fragrance rendition. The airtight packette ensure the top notes are preserves and guaranteeing a longer shelf life. Regarding design, blotters can be highly customized into various shapes for a unique in-store gesture.

The E-blotter

The e-blotter, which includes a QR code that enables visitors at the Pack & Gift trade show to scan their card to receive a beauty sample from The KIiosk, a new generation sampling tool presented by Arcade Beauty. Like the other blotters from Carestia, it can be unscented for use as a tester in store or pre-scented in the factory. This blotter is designed with a broad area for marketing communication. Arcade Beauty offers full a turnkey solution by creating and printing the QR code, creating the event website and finally campaign tracking and analysis.



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