Burberry : a perfect illustration of technology transfer


12658The brief given by the Burberry teams was clear: the cap for the flacon of My Burberry, the group’s latest fragrance creation, must resemble, in every way, a button from the brand’s emblematic trench coat.
For this product launch, it was impossible to copy the original buttons and use real buffalo horn. The MBF Plastiques team worked on the problem and came up with THE solution which copies perfectly the tactile and visual aspects of the iconic button.

It quickly became obvious that the team had to work closely with a haberdashery and button manufacturer. But they had to make sure that they could produce the craftwork and artistry of these fashion items on an industrial production scale, and in five different sizes: 5 – 30 – 50 – 90 and a giant format of 900 millilitres, which measures 120 millimetres in diameter and is 70 millimetres thick.

Around fifty trial runs were needed to eventually master the technology for tooling and moulding the polyester resin and obtain the exact form for the cap, which was then polished and varnished. In fact, to make the cap for My Burberry, MBF Plastiques had to build a special piece of specific equipment, as the cap is too large to be tooled using classic button tooling technologies.

The bottom part of the diffuser also required precision work: a fine tartan motif is engraved on the aluminium collar and the cotton ribbon is carefully tied around it, just like with a real trench coat.

The end result speaks for itself: MBF Plastiques has successfully met the challenge! With this cap, MBF has fulfilled each one of Burberry’s requirements. By using transfer technology, fashion to packaging, they proved that creativity has no limits.


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