Certina Packaging: another step in the implementation of a business and industrial strategy


It’s done! A few weeks ago the trading company Certina Packaging France, based in Levallois, was created. Another step in the implementation of a business and industrial strategy expertly led by Oliver Landgraf, CEO of the Certina Packaging Group, and which now comprises three companies acquired successively in the past five years: Rebhan in 2012, Hermann Koch and Qualiform, from Pochet) in 2015. Certina Packaging’s total sales in 2017 amount to 60 million euros for a workforce of 500.

Source: US Weekly

About Certina

Certina Holding is a German family-owned investor in the industrial sector with a longterm investment horizon, based in Munich and created in 1997.

Certina owns small and medium industrial companies, typically € 20M to 200M sales.

One of Certina’s interests is in plastic cosmetics packaging. Rebhan, the first Certina company in this sector, provides onestop- shop solutions for plastic flacons for the Prestige and Masstige market customers. The main focus is on small to mid-size volumes. This market is addressed using both custom and standard forms.

Rebhan’s USP is the extensive standard range in thick wall glass polymer flacons in extrusion blow moulding technology. Rebhan generated revenues of over € 22M in 2014.

Hermann Koch provides jars and flacons in the same market as Rebhan. The focus is on the standard line of jars. Hermann Koch’s USP is on thick and double wall jars in injection moulding technology.

Hermann Koch generated revenues of € 24M in 2014.

Together Rebhan and Hermann Koch with Qualiform, acquired in 2015, form the Pack Group which provides a mid-size, one-stop-shop solution for flacons and jars to their customer base.

Source: www.certina.de



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