Cheburashkini Brothers: graphics appear as an additional element of the identity


The family farm of Cheburashkini Brothers company. The family farm of is a challenging project for the Russian market. Cheburashkini brothers are real people, who have restored four old farms in an ecologically clean Moscow region, transported highly productive European cow breed, and built up an ultramodern dairy factory. Cheburashkini Brothers is a new sophisticated farming culture with a huge involvement of an entire family. This is not just a business or a small family farm, it is a brand new format of farming, that requires a fresh design approach.

The main idea of identity is based on typography, where initial letters of products are central elements of the design. They have designed a display sans-serif typeface with a set of weights. And have found our inspiration in ancient Slavic symbols, which mean seed, grass, earth and other symbols of farming. Our client controls all stages of diary production from seeding fields with grass to products transportation. The quality of the product depends on the quality of each stage of the production. Taking this experience into the consideration we designed system of symbols illustrating the whole process of farming and dairy production. This graphics appear as an additional element of the identity reflecting an agricultural theme. Graphics and typography are build on the same system. The same way as a plant grows from a seed to a flower, the graphics and letters evolve in the order of increasing fat weight.


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