Cosfibel creates coffret for the legendary Armenian brandy ARARAT


For the new 30-year-old ARARAT Erebuni brandy, Cosfibel Premium used its technical know-how to create this luxurious coffret.

The story of this golden gift box is that of ARARAT Erebuni, , a crowning achievement of the legendary ARARAT range. For this launch, Cosfibel Premium encountered several challenges when it came to printing and finding the perfect harmony of colors. The box is made of rolled-edged cardboard made of golden Winter paper. Inside, the chocks are made of ivory polyurethane with a peach-skin texture while the sides of the box are clad with diagonal mirrors that subtly reflect the bottle. The shape of the zamak handle evokes the rounded “U” of EREBUNI, allowing the cover to be removed to reveal the bottle.

Elegance at your service

On its front, the outer packaging features a golden galvanized aluminum plate that is chemically engraved with cuneiform text. Brand information is provided with metallic letters in three languages for three different editions: English, Russian and Armenian. A booklet is hidden in a secret cavity behind a door on the side of the box that is held in place with a double magnetic closure. This booklet, which tells the story of the brand, is printed in the three languages using hot stamping. A small aperture used to open the secret compartment also evokes the rounded shape of the brand’s codes.

Technical prowess

For this ultra-premium product, Cosfibel worked to create a perfect harmony between the golden hue of the paper and that of the galvanized plaque, as well as with the print effects created using hot stamping and chemical engraving.


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