Cosfibel Premium Exclusive showcases The Dalmore 40 year-old single malt


Using an innovation from Cosfibel Premium, last year The Dalmore chose to develop the first edition of this coffret for its rare 35 year-old whisky. Now comes a new interpretation, for which the group rose to a variety of technical and esthetic challenges. This exceptional box was developed to encase a hand-blown Baccarat crystal bottle containing the precious 40 year-old whisky. 

The structure of the coffret is made from MDF (Medium Density Fiber), which is veneered with Macassar ebony. It is built around a “spine” that holds the structure in place and supports the trajectory of the two doors. This centerpiece is made of stainless steel, polished to give an ultimate mirror effect. On its rear, a laser-engraved text tells the product’s story.

Inside, a highly selective Winter PU coating is revealed, and on the sides, a polycarbonate surface whose mirror effect glorifies the reflection of the bottle itself.

The brace that supports the bottle as well as the front plate and the push button, which opens the coffret, are made of zamak.

Under the second step of the internal “podium,” a drawer contains an elegant card holder made from solid silver.



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