Diam launched exclusive negotiations for acquiring a majority share of Verpack Group


Diam Group, key leader in point-of-sale merchandising in the Perfumes, Beauty and Luxury industries, intends to become a world actor in Luxury Packaging. To this end, Diam Pack, which has already acquired MR Cartonnage Numérique in September 2017, has launched exclusive negotiations for acquiring a majority share of  Verpack Group, European leader for set-up boxes and folded cartons for Luxury, Perfumes and Wines and Spirits. Thanks to its five industrial sites – 4 in France and 1 in Tunisia –, Verpack caters to the most demanding clients on the market.

Diam Pack will seek to provide a comprehensive range of offers to clients, covering small to large runs and encompassing set-up boxes as well as tin, wooden and multi-material boxes.

According to Stephane Viers, “Verpack is a family business with strong values. We have been looking for a partner to expand internationally and offer clients superior service, as well as a wide range of superior and innovative solutions. Through its values, customer focus and global position, Diam is ideally positioned to accompany Verpack’s development.”

According to Michel Vaissaire, “Our priority is to provide our clients with complementary products and services in a world in constant evolution. Thanks to the acquisition of MRC in September and Verpack today, Diam Pack has become a key actor in the carton packaging business. Through its excellent and growing team and Stephane’s decision to contribute his expertise to our project, DIAM Pack has made key steps in fulfilling its ambition to provide our clients with the services they require, anywhere they want.”

About DIAM – DIAM is the world leader in point-of-sale merchandising with a turnover of €320 million in 2017. With a global presence in 24 countries and more than 20 industrial sites in Europe, Asia and Americas, DIAM brings tailored-made solutions to its clients in the Luxury and Cosmetics industries. In 2017, DIAM brought together all its Packaging activities under the name DIAM Pack. These include small-run injected plastic packs and coloring (including testers, dummies…), made in its factories in China and France, which have tooling, injection, coloring, and decoration capabilities; and carton packaging (secondary packaging), through the acquisition of MR Cartonnage (digital offer for prototypes and small runs).  

About Verpack – By bringing together all of its units under a single banner in 2015, VERPACK has become a major and recognized player, able to respond to all cardboard applications. With a turnover of 40 M €, this French manufacturer, specialized in the design and production of cases and set-up boxes for the luxury industry, supports its customers in their packaging projects by providing them with innovative and tailor-made solutions, from technical development to packaging/filling. Thanks to its four French factories and its Tunisian site in Sousse, VERPACK keeps offering the best adapted and most flexible offer. The Group’s 420 employees share this mindset and the slogan behind it: “Our union is your strength”.




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