E(gg)xceptional design by Eggs Posure


Innovation is fun. This is proven by Eggs Posure, a young packaging company founded by the Dutch Twinpack BV and the Danish food producer Hedegaard Foods A/S. So what is their mission? To develop creative packaging concepts for the egg industry. Such as Eggyplay®, the Eggs Posure showpiece. Eggyplay® serves as packaging and a sustainable toy. Because the cartons work like clickable building blocks and fit perfectly together like large duplo blocks. hours of fun guaranteed…Eggs-Posure-egg-carton-packaging-toy

Eggs Posure launched the revolutionary egg carton at the Anuga Fair in Cologne. Egg carton or toy? Eggyplay® is both. The colourful egg carton is made from plastic, and comes in four bright, fun colours. Children love them because Eggyplay® cartons are the perfect building blocks for creating a large castle, impressive tower or cute playhouse. Anything is possible.

Dishwasher-proof IML labels
What is the condition for being approved as a (reusable) toy and obtaining the CE certificate? Mette Due Andersen (Marketing Manager HEDEGAARD foods A/S) explains: “Our Eggyplay® cartons must be dishwasher-proof. Or: resistant to repeated exposure to high temperatures, moisture and detergents. We soon made the decision to use Verstraete IML’s dishwasher-proof IML labels. The company stands for quality and outstanding service. And the labels are produced with dishwasher-proof inks and a special layer of varnish. This offers optimal protection for the colours and the quality of the IML label during repeated washes.”

Why is Eggyplay® environmentally  friendly?
Anyone that cares about the environment chooses Eggyplay®. Because the egg cartons have a dual function. They are not discarded but are given a second lease of life as a toy. What is more they are made from 100% recyclable polypropylene (PP05). And an Eggyplay® carton weighs less than a traditional egg carton. Thanks to its intelligent design Eggyplay® also takes up half the stacking space. So transport is twice as efficient.


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