FEFCO launches standards for converting equipment


 On Thursday 7 May FEFCO launched its new book presenting 43 conversion equipment standards developed under the guidance of the FEFCO Production Committee.

FEFCO Standards for Converting Equipment – Technical Specification for Equipment and Processes was produced because the members of the Production Committee identified Quality as one of the most important parameters.

Quality can only be achieved if the equipment and processes are in line with the specifications of the equipment that has been ordered. With this in mind this group of highly motivated industry representatives, which directs FEFCO’s technical work, decided to put together these standards to help the industry with the following:

·         Enable the like-for-like comparison of equipment properties as described in the 43 standards.

·         Avoid the under or over specifying of equipment and products produced and also help define what is needed.

·         Help customer and supplier to agree on a level when equipment is ordered and check it when it is delivered.

·         Measure and record over time the state of equipment. This also allows for the measurement of the impact of maintenance.

·         Set quantitative targets for process improvement for existing and new technologies.

More than 60 delegates attended the Workshop on Acceptance Procedures for Converting Equipment. On the occasion of this workshop the FEFCO book of Standards was distributed to the participants. Later this year, the book will be more widely spread and will be handed out to the 800 delegates who are expected to attend the next FEFCO Technical Seminar (Barcelona, 28 – 30 October 2015). After this seminar it will be available on the FEFCO website.

During this one day event, end-users and suppliers gave useful presentations and shared their experiences and support for implementing these standards. They discovered that it could help them to identify equipment problems and by solving them this could potentially improve overall equipment productivity.

·         Marc Van Damme – VPK (FEFCO Production Committee Chairman) chaired the workshop and furthermore was the person who initiated, guided and monitored the whole project.

·         Wilbert Streefland (Technology Coaching) author of the book, introduced the 43 standards. He concluded the day by disclosing the pass/fail results of machines tests using some of the standards.

·         Richard Coward (Rigid Containers) shared his long experience in equipment purchasing.

·         Jan Lindstrom (MarquipwardUnited) showed how MWU uses the standards for checking printing equipment.

·         Anello Meloro and Dominique Ravot (BOBST) presented their work on die cutting and what needs testing.

·         Ulrich Wolz (Bahmüller) explained the impact of the standards on the folding of boxes.

·         Klaus Lüke (Klingele Papierwerke) shared some practical experience by presenting test results using these standards.

·         Mats Nilsson (Dücker Corrpal) explained how to use the standards when testing the breaking and palletising process.

Angelika Christ, FEFCO Secretary General, commented “This collaborative work is an excellent example of what our work at FEFCO is all about: gathering industry know-how for the benefit of all!” She also highlighted that this book is a living document and will be updated whenever needed or appropriate.


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