Hybrid Software announced a major partnership deal with the Autajon Group


Hybrid Software has announced the sale of its 2,500th license of PackZ, its native PDF editor for labels and packaging, following a major partnership deal with the Autajon Group, which has its global headquarters in Montélimar, France. The new order will result in Autajon implementing almost 100 PackZ licenses across its production sites worldwide.

Autajon is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of folding cartons, setup boxes, labels and point-of-sale products. The group supplies markets ranging from perfumes, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to wines, spirits, confectionery and food specialities, while its customers include small, local businesses and prestigious international brands. The group consists of 36 companies operating from eight countries split across Europe, America and China.

The PackZ solution was chosen by Autajon for its ease of use, performance, openness and adaptability to the 4.0 environment. In addition, the ability to easily integrate PackZ with existing prepress solutions and operate efficiently within any PDF scenario was particularly appealing. The new partnership will focus on common application-specific developments, which will be implemented in future product releases and updates from Hybrid Software.


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