iF Design Awards: T2 Mini Fruit Tea packaging won an iF Design certificate for ‘Beverages’


Metsä Board’s highly creative designs achieved a double success at this year’s iF Design Awards. T2 Mini Fruit Tea packaging won an iF Design certificate for ‘Beverages’ and the company’s own innovative Elevated drink box won another iF Design certificate for ‘Independent Packaging’. Both packaging designs were created by Metsä Board’s design team.

Cyril Drouet, Design and Innovation Director at Metsä Board, stated: “We are delighted with this level of recognition. iF Awards reflect our primary aim of helping customers enhance brand value by delivering sustainable, safe and innovative paperboard based packaging solutions.”

The T2 Mini Fruit tea packaging needed to be both structurally and visually innovative to stand out from the crowd. The designs reflect in an exciting way the new flavours in the T2 Mini Fruit Tea range, with each flavour packed in a particular fruit shaped box: banana bake, watermelon sorbet, Turkish apple and peach. These uniquely shaped boxes also have an unusual and eye catching opening mechanism. The design is printed on the reverse side of Metsä Board’s fresh fibre paperboard to echo the natural feel of the fruit and to give the boxes a softer texture. Metsä Board created the structural design while T2 design team managed the graphical part.

Metsä Board was also recognised for its ground-breaking Elevated drink box (EDB) design. Designed and patented by Metsä Board, the new design provides an easy and convenient way for consumers to enjoy beverages. Thanks to our elevated base design, the box doesn’t have to be placed on the edge of a table anymore but can be placed anywhere. The box does not take up additional shelf space in-store as the elevated base is inside the packaging, ready for assembly by the consumer before use. When empty, the plastic bag is easily removed from the box, helping with material separation for recycling.

For over 60 years, the iF Design Award has been recognised the world over as a label for design excellence. The international high-profile jury assessed more than 5,500 entries from 59 countries to determine who would receive this coveted seal of design excellence.



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