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5 SEPT ETIQUETTE has  invested in WebCenter, a unique and powerful web platform that makes it possible to better manage the packaging life-cycle. By integrating WebCenter with Automation Engine, 5 SEPT ETIQUETTE can more easily develop products and publish files so that the customer can check and approve them on-line. Any risk of error in the final proof version is thus eliminated: WebCenter’s dynamic forms and collaboration tools translate to improved data sharing. “This is an important safeguard for our customers,” Wack affirms. “We eliminate any risk of misunderstanding with this real-time collaborative process.” 5 SEPT ETIQUETTE’s customers agree; they give the company top marks for quality of service!

Raoul Rodrigues, Commercial Manager at Esko, concludes, “5 SEPT ETIQUETTE is a true partner. Thanks to our joint efforts, we are continuously improving our solutions and tools so they can achieve maximum customer satisfaction while ensuring a profitable future.”

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5 SEPT ETIQUETTE, located in Provence, is a printer of roll adhesive labels, employing 70 people and generating a turnover of approximately €10 million. It supplies producers all over France in the areas of agri-foodstuffs, cosmetics, wines & spirits and industry. 5 SEPT ETIQUETTE has implemented a unique organisational model that has resulted in the company being positioned effectively in discerning markets. In addition to being masters of the various printing processes (flexography, offset, screen printing and digital), it offers its customers advanced solutions for controlling the cost of their labelling work-stations.

Its printing presses and finishing machines have video quality control systems installed and connected to a database. This system eliminates any risk of error in the production and printing of labels. This automated control tool, 5 SEPT MASTER, allows time to market and waste during production to be reduced.

Elle a mis en ligne le 5SEPT SERVER et le 5SEPT ORDER, deux services web pour gérer les commandes de ses clients, calculer les prix, valider les BAT en ligne, sécuriser et archiver les étiquettes. 5sept Etiquette logo5SEPT ETIQUETTE transforme plus de 5 millions de m² de complexe adhésif par an et a investi en moyenne de l’ordre de 20% du CA/an au cours des 4 dernières années. 5SEPT ETIQUETTE possède son propre studio de photogravure en interne travaillant avec une technologie d’impression de dernière génération et qui a été le premier en France à être certifié HD Flexo par Esko.


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