INCC Parfums recently launched its new Monaco Parfums


INCC Parfums recently launched its new Monaco Parfums duo for men and women, and Topline Products was entrusted with creating their caps to perfectly reflect the ambiance of Monaco.

Monaco Parfums, marked with the seal of the principality, evoke its opulent lifestyle: the most sumptuous gold jewelry, the best rare champagne and the spirit of glamor that emanates from the so-called “Rocher”. The women’s version has a sensually shaped curved bottle, and its lid is nothing less than a precious piece of jewelry. It evokes the presence in the principality of the finest jewelry houses, paying tribute to the Monaco woman with her innate sense of chic and her elegant determination. For the men’s version, the lid is reminiscent of a stack of coins or tokens, piled vertically with the highest marker of value at the top: the seal of the principality.

 Topline Products worked on both of the designs, including two different sizes for the women’s version.

The caps are made from golden galvanized ABS and set with a black PP insert and a weight.

The women’s version evokes jewelry by using this same contrast of subtly chiseled gold finishes.

Topline Products is a manufacturer and outsourcer for the global beauty industry, designing, developing, producing and delivering standard and custom packaging and turnkey solutions that include formulation, filling and secondary packaging. Since being taken over by PSB Industries in February 2016, Topline Products has been integrated into PSB’s Luxury & Beauty Division, Texen, to which it brings its complementary expertise in terms of design, development and innovation as well as marketing and industrial syne


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