Innovation for Creativity in Label Packaging


Eurostampa and its Innovation Labels strategic partners, in collaboration with the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, have shared their passion and skills to promote innovation in label packaging. The Envelope Project will be presented during one of the most important packaging exhibitions, Luxe Pack 2017 –Monaco. A press conference is set for Tuesday, 3rd October 2017 at 3:30 pm at Grimaldi Forum Salle.

According to Luciano Cillario, Eurostampa President, The Envelope Project was born to give shape every year to the common will of companies “to move forward the innovation boundaries in label packaging every day to offer new life to people’s creativity.” Insights from research and development are the instruments to rethink the world of label packaging.

The strategic partnerships established within Eurostampa’s Innovation Labels, which include leading label sector enterprises such as, Avery Dennison, Sun Chemical, Luxoro per Kurz, HP, Heidelberg, ed Esko, are essential to supply innovative and personalized solutions to brand owners

Starting from Feuerbach’s phrase “We are what we eat” (cit., 1862), the students of the University of Pollenzo have come to the theme: “We are what …” concluding the sentence and giving it a representation through a graphic sketch and a text. The end result are labels, each with added valued from the use of innovative materials and technologies, with a strong ethical and aesthetic impact.

In a deeply changed context, the label no longer has a commercial function but a real social role.

The speech from Carlo Petrini, Slow Food International and University od Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo President, helps us to think about new values “… Labels have to inform and, sometimes, they manage to educate, too. A good label can change the world and make it better.”

According to a speech from Jana Kokrhanek, Managing Director of Luxoro, “As a company we are flattered to have had the opportunity to lead, among other partners this project of innovation and empowerment of packaging in the food & beverage sector. Our mission is to be able to give the customer emotions that recall the deepest essence of the product.”


Tuesday, 3rd October 2017 at 3:30 pm


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