New and elegant design for Porto Cruz


Cruz_ArguMonde_02CRUZ, the No.1 Port in the World, has unveiled a new and elegant design for its classic range. A brand new look designed to retain the elegant style of CRUZ and to give a superior brand visibility.

The new packaging will be available worldwide and will be rolled out on all the qualities: Tawny, White, Ruby, Special Reserve and Pink. 

The new packaging with its distinctive bottle shape marries both the traditional CRUZ’s attributes – elegance & authenticity with modernity to create a look with a great stand out.

CRUZ stays true to its identity and heritage while becoming more contemporary.

Sabah Bouaka, brand manager says “Our objective with this new look is to combine tradition, status and modernity and I’m delighted with the result: A new range as distinctive in the packaging as it is in taste!”

This new design is exclusively unveiled at Prowein 2015.


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