Parenco B.V. has obtained the EU Ecolabel for its range of SC- papers


Dutch paper producer Parenco B.V. is proud to announce that it has obtained the EU Ecolabel for its range of SC- papers and improved newsprint. The EU Ecolabel enables customers to select products that have a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle, from the extraction of raw material through to production.                                                                                                            All Parenco products are produced with 100% recycled fibers; the EU Ecolabel further certifies that the energy use, chemicals used as well as emissions and waste management comply with the strictest benchmark standards.

Improving its environmental performance is on top of the agenda at Parenco B.V. During the past years the paper producer has invested heavily in reducing the use of energy and water, increasing the use of biomass and optimizing the use of chemicals whilst improving the quality of its products parCal, parHeat and parBright. In addition to the EU Ecolabel, Parenco also holds the Blauer Engel-, FSC- and PEFC- certificate for its products.

About Parenco

Parenco B.V. produces 262.000 tons of publication paper annually on one PM. Brands include parCal (SC-papers), parHeat and parBright (improved newsprint). The independent mill is ideally situated in Renkum, the Netherlands, close to the heart of the European printing industry. Parenco is known for its high quality products, reliability and flexibility and is a considered a trustworthy partner for leading printers, print management companies and retailers.

The Parenco- site houses a second PM, idled in 2010. At this moment a project is in place to investigate the mill’s possibilities to convert this machine into a machine that produces packaging grades – the outcome of this project is expected in the coming weeks.



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