Pujolasos is inspired by the old Russia in the design of ‘Gosha Rubchinskiy’ perfume of Comme des Garçons


 The fashion Japanese firm Comme des Garçons has selected Pujolasos for the development of the exclusive fragrance Gosha Rubchinskiy, designed for the famous Russian artist. Rubchinskiy is a world-famous creator in fashion trends and his name has converted in an obligatory reference of the new generation of streetwear artists.

The new Comme des Garçons release goes far beyond of a conventional novelty; is a commitment for the new emerging values. The stellar hire of Rubchinskiy symbolizes a new way of understanding life. The perfume, crown with an ash wooden cap customized in ash gray remembers to the traditional soviet packaging for it circular forms and sober esthetic.

The result of packaging is a product with a strong personality and an attractive aesthetic, developed according to the post-soviet young of Rubchinskiy. The aim was to achieve more than a powerful fragrance; it was to create emotions, establish generational links and move to the new Moscow, full of sensations and smells.

Comme des Garçons has been characterized by its successful launches, always with seal of creativity. From its foundation in 1993, has launched around of 75 perfumes, among which stand out fragrances of own creation, licenses of associations and collaboration with cultural icons.

Appealing to the claim of environmentally friendly products, the finish is manufactured with PEFC certificate ash wood, which is guarantee of its origin from sustainably managed forests. The production and development of the finish has carried out entirely on the Pujolasos manufacture located in Sant Pere de Torelló (Barcelona).


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