Rafesa extends the range of aluminium collars for perfumery packaging


The aluminum collars are one of the main accessories to the perfumery packaging, together with the finishes and different designs, are an important part that allows to differentiate one way or another to a packaging. Rafesa, a specialist in distribution in packaging for perfumery, cosmetic and pharm, has been incorporated the new glossy black collars as standard to its accessories catalogue.

The aluminum is the material par excellence of the entire collection of Rafesa collars, due to this success and the high demand for part by the perfumery firms, the company has opted to incorporate the glossy black collar as standard in its collection. The result of the packaging is to achieve more daring design, while giving more risky air.

As experts in packaging sector for perfumery, in Rafesa, advice its clients in order to facilitate the work, providing different options to keep with the values implanted by each brand and product. All the offer of collars of the firm can be adapted to the design and diameter that the client wants, the Rafesa’s professionals study each case and offers a bespoke solution.

The new collection of collars is added to the wide options that the company offers for perfumery packaging, such as customization with four-color in serigraphy, the wooden caps and the innovative packaging developed with materials respectful with environment.


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