Repetto’s Theatre Coffret


Repetto ThéâtreSigned Cosfibel Premium, the mounted double-hinged board coffret features an airy and graceful design inspired by lyric theatre. Curtains, stage, boxes—every element recalls the emotion brought on by a classic dance performance.

Covered in rose-colored paper, reflecting the brand’s emblematic rose, the coffret closes with a magnetic plate. The coffret also features flowing stage curtains, which are hot-stamped.


A theatre decor appears when the coffret is opened. The 100ml EdT and miniature bottles are gracefully nestled in transparent wedges on the stage.
On both ends of the stage a delicate decor featuring theatre boxes with hot-stamp printed seats are a perfect reproduction of the real thing.


This delightful case will awaken the ballerina that slumbers in every woman.



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