Roman amphora-inspired extra-flint glass flacons


Allegra’s Roman amphora-inspired extra-flint glass flacons rounded design are a nod to Bulgari’s iconic ‘cabochon’ gemstone cut, while the faceted glass caps are inspired by Roman columns. For the glassmaker Verescence, the challenge lay in combining depth of the punt, sharpness of the engravings and even distribution of glass. In addition, the glass cap required two complex gluing operations, for the plastic insert and the metal plate affixed to the top of the cap. The cap’s different components can be disassembled to facilitate recycling.

In terms of decoration, Verescence combined a stencil lacquering technique to achieve the chromatic combinations, and hot stamping for the brand and fragrance name. The Magnifying Essences (40ml) are housed in faceted flacons resembling the EdP bottles, but lacquered an opaque milky white with porcelain effect. The brand and essence name are hot stamped in gold on the base.


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