Shopping bag: a new vision of brand image by Procos


Procos, the high end packaging manufacturer unveiled at Luxe Pack an original branding offer with its new custom fitted bag. This exciting new innovation incorporates a wheel into one face of the bag, providing a canvas for delivering high impact messages to enhance your brand visibility.

Procos offers endless solutions for accessorizing the shopping bag or gift bag, including printed ribbon, labels, spot colors on turn tops and gussets or metallic film on the base card and more… Meaning any company or brand can stand out and create value whether it’s for a special event, seasonal promotion or a permanent design fixture.

Caption: This bag produced for Luxepack Monaco uses a high quality (FSC® certified) paper stock from German manufacturer Gmund. Strong pigments in the paper provide it with a rich color. This project called upon the Procos expertise in design, development and distribution, as the integrated wheel needed to spin freely, but also allow products to be placed inside easily. A special packing technique was also utilized to ensure the bag and its wheel would not be damaged in transit.

Procos has created this brand new concept that will grab the attention and stick in the mind of customers and prospects. The »Smart Shopping Bag« combines the refinement and luxury of a bag, with a personalized message, thus increasing the interaction between the consumer and the brand.

Design and production Procos, Gmund paper


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