Sweet shades for the new fragrance Pour Elle by Lacoste



Just out on the French market after a noticeable launch in the US, the fragrance Pour Elle by Lacoste plays three bright colors for three fragrances. The caps in Surlyn, natural or stained, are signed Axilone.

Issued from the L. 12. 12 line, in reference to the famous Lacoste mesh, the new fragrances for women are available in three versions: Elegant, with a white packaging for self-confident women, Sparkling, the pink version for the Frenchy greedy of life, and Natural for the natural, warm and authentic side of women of our world.

Lacoste has designated Axilone to achieve the three tints of caps with the absolute constraint for the Brand: the perfect match with shades of bottles.

With Surlyn – for crystalline transparency, resistance to impact and scratch and extreme lightness – Axilone conducted the necessary tests to obtain the exact match with the color of each of the three bottles.

Besides this aesthetic search, Axilone succeeded to lead at the same time the search of colors as well as the approval of the injection process to ensure on time, the simultaneous launch of the three fragrances


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