Texen creates the pack for Dior’s new Dior Addict Lacquer Plump


 This spring sees the House of Dior present its first plumping lacquered lip ink. Available in 16 shades, this new-generation product is positioned as a hybrid between make-up and lip care with its shiny, long-lasting finish. Texen Industries was entrusted with the creation of its packaging, a project that represented its share of technical challenges.

Attention to detail for a complex vial

The vial for the range is injected in two operations. The first involves molding PETG with a layer of black aluminum that is cut away to reveal the name of the brand, the blank evoking the shape of a lipstick bulk. The graphic shape of the logo lets the color of the bulk appear as if through a window.

The second stage involves over-molding this part to give it its definitive square shape. The vial is then protected with a layer of varnish.

Injection and assembly

The PBT collar is injected then metallized before being mechanically soldered onto the vial.

The lid and associated applicator, meanwhile, are made up of four assembled parts: the ball at the top is made from silver metallized injected ABS, the collar from PETG bi-injected in two shades then varnished, while the wand is injected and assembled with the applicator selected by the House of Dior.

Technical know-how

For Texen Industries, the principal challenge of this project was the creation of the vial itself. The extreme precision necessitated by the over-molding to create a perfect finish and maximum shine with no air bubbles was essential for the supplier.

The House of DIOR puts its heart and soul into each of its product launches, attentive to each detail at every stage of the production process. As such, a close collaboration between the team at Texen Industries and the House of Dior contributed to the success of this creation.


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