The ultimate vintage case for a new whisky Bunnahabhain


Cosfibel Premium Exclusive rose to the unique creative challenge of this concept designed by the Pocket Rocket Creative agency to evoke the speedboats of the past.

For its 36 year-old 1980 vintage Limited Edition Batch release, which just launched, Scotch distillery Bunnahabhain wanted a case that evoked the refinement of one of these luxurious vessels clad in rare wood.

The case, made of MDF, is covered with a veneer made up of five specially selected wood essences. On the facade, a metal plate is accompanied by gold metallic letters and a black screen-printed text. Lower down, a raised epoxy plate represents the Isle of Islay in Scotland, where the distillery is located.

Inside the case, the text is screen-printed onto a real leather inlay. The insert that holds the bottle in place was sewn by hand with a diamond motif evocative of the seats of a motorboat.




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