The wooden sustainable packaging company for the premium sector celebrates its half century


April 7th of 1967, the Pujolasos’ family constituted Pujolasos. Today, 50 years after, has been consolidated as one of the referral firm in wooden sustainable packaging for luxury sector. The company that was created in Sant Pere de Torelló by Josep Pujolasos Font celebrates this magical number in the best moment of its trajectory.

At the beginning, with Josep Pujolasos as a manager of the firm, Pujolasos had specialized in furniture and wooden complements for the home. It was in 1998, the second generation with Angel Pujolasos father in charge of the company, when they started to work with wooden caps and complements for beverage sector. Already in 2001, they expanded their offer to the cosmetic and perfumery market, which had the need to adapt the wood as complement of distinction for their packaging.

Today, Angel and Isabel Pujolasos, the third family generation of the family are in charge of managing the company. With the presidency of the company in charge of Angel Pujolasos father, they have placed the firm as one of the most outstanding in the cosmetics and luxury perfumery sectors, working for renowned firms with a long international trajectory.


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