Virojanglor and Interesting Sourcing to merge


Virojanglor, the leader in metal packaging for the premium cosmetics, wines and spirits markets, has agreed to acquire French company Interesting Sourcing, specialized in the manufacturing and global management of multi-material packaging.

 Virojanglor, a French family owned firm created in 1963, has over the years built up its network of partner manufacturers in Italy and China, companies whose know-how and industrial relevance have allowed the “premiumization” of its offer over the past decade. In line with this, the firm decided to expand the perimeter of its activity by collaborating in multi-material packaging with every respect for the norms imposed by this segment.

For nearly 30 years, Interesting Sourcing has managed multi-material, packaging and point-of-sale projects thanks to a strong network of partners in China.

The aim of the merger is to gain market penetration among the major luxury groups, thus growing business volume. In addition, synergies will allow customers both in France and in international markets access to Interesting Sourcing’s technical and industrial potential. With its strong image and identity, Virojanglor is taking a significant step towards new markets. Its consolidated revenues are predicted to reach approximately 25 million euros in 2018.

As part of the merger, Interesting Sourcing’s president and founder Grégoire Levet will become director of operations within Virojanglor’s new Multi-Material Products division and take a minority stake in Virojanglor.

“This merger is the beginning of a new adventure and signals the expansion of our activity towards an increasingly premium market,” stated Virojanglor group president Jean-David Curiel and Grégoire Levet. “From now on, we will implement cross-collaboration between factories that are among the most innovative in the packaging industry for creations combining materials like metal, wood, cardboard and injected plastic. This new positioning is a response to demand from premium markets in France and abroad.”


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