Winner in the category Packaging Design of Cosmopack 2019


This product is a winner in the category Packaging Design of Cosmopack 2019.

Product – Description

Premi can provide an exclusive packaging design: 3D INKJET TECHNOLOGY. It has proven to be a big success as it offers different options for packaging customization in terms of shapes, styles, colors. By using high-definition images and focusing special attention on the details, customers have the possibility to launch new products while saving time and money. The 3d inkjet allows the fast customization to follow the latest trends and time saved for compatibility test. Inkjet 3d is the ideal solution for premium customization of highly creative and textured artwork for limited editions and promotional branding without investing on new molds.

Technical details

The 3D inkjet technology is the printing of UV inkjet It’s possible to print on elliptical shapes On flat shapes it’s possible to print up to 2mm from the top of the pack It’ is available for glass and plastic packaging the standard thickness of the inkjet is 0,08mm up to 0,16mm

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Why the product is innovative?

the added value of this new decoration is an embossing and stunning tactile 3D effect—for unique artwork with fine graphical details on the packaging and a custom-branded look of the product. Due to this new technology, it is possible to have infinite effects and colors, multi-material applications and the possibility of limited editions. Thanks to 3d inkjet technology any plastic or glass packaging can look amazing and unique: no limits to creativity. Another plus of Inkjet 3D is the possibility to cut time to market without mold investment and fast customization that follows the latest beauty trends.



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