Shopluxe devises vintage TV box co-branded Pierre Marcolini and AMI


Pierre Marcolini likes to give artists the opportunity to spread their message with an original concept. For the 2016 holiday season, the Belgian chocolate maker invited the designer behind AMI, Alexandre Mattiussi, to participate in this collaborative project. A master in this domain, Shopluxe rose to the challenge, creating a unique object for the exercise.

This made-to-measure gift set is made up of two parts. The upper compartment contains a pop-up scene while the lower level consists of two drawers that hold the chocolates themselves. The outer sheath is designed to look like a television screen. This box is made of compact cardboard covered in printed white paper with a shiny varnish on its external surfaces. The interior of the box and sheath are directly printed in two shades.

Each drawer is slid open and closed with a small tag handle.

The pop-up décor is an original idea by the designer that Shopluxe has transformed into a 3D concept. The scene inside evokes a stylized vision of Paris. In the foreground, Pierre Marcolini is perceived in front of his boutique, while Alexandre Mattiusi himself is represented on a moped with his iconic red woolen hat. This décor is cut out of four color-printed card and disposed on a stiff base that separates the upper level from the drawers below. Designed to look like a vintage black-and-white television set, the outer box is created using a cardboard sheath in which a window has a sheet of crystal APET fixed to its interior to create a screen. On the sides of the coffret, Marcolini and AMI’s logos feature, highlighting this festive co-branding project.




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